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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back to the sculptures ...

... including the "sky sculpture" of sunrise over the Blackfoot. I saw the colors in the sky as I left the house so drove to the Stemple Pass Road bridge for this picture, before returning to the sculpture garden to run without interruption from motorists and hunters.

I heard gunfire this morning ... quite a bit of it, in fact. But it was pretty far off, in the hills north of town. I was running on the state land east of town. Did see a sizable buck in there, along with a remarkably tame (guileless) doe.

I did two winding but complete circuits of the place, including going all the way to the west end which has a gate onto Sucker Creek Road.

The House of Sky installation did its usual good job of reflecting the sky — in this case dark gray — that lowered over the area this morning.

A little warmer (31) and a stiff breeze from the west.

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