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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Colder loop

Repeating the standard route, but today I acquired a running mate. He joined me at the western gate to the state land and ran along with me for a mile or two before getting distracted by deer and another dog out by the road (a friend no doubt).

It was in the low 20s and overcast; the forecast is for falling temperatures and snow starting in a couple of hours.

Didn't appear to be any new tracks in the sculpture garden, but plenty of new ones around Hooper Park. The private land toward the river from Hooper was teeming with deer. I thought about venturing out onto that land and going east on an old road in there, but I decided that would be unwise until hunting season is over.

Fortunately, that season ends after this Sunday so I'll be able to venture back into the mountains, at least until the snow flies.

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