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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Herrin Lakes in light snow

Selfie day. This is with Herrin Lake itself in the background, and way in the background is Baldy Mountain, where I hope to run in a few weeks when hunting season is over. I parked near Stemple Pass road and ran west on the Herrin Lakes Road for about two miles. Met a couple of trucks — one a hunter, as it turned out — but they were all friendly (finger waves).

The background of this masterpiece of selfiedom is the track that I ran many times over the summer, including seeing a sizable elk herd. It's state land, and the road (closed) you can see back there goes a little more than a mile to the Blackfoot River, then loops around into some logging areas and out the southwest corner of the state land onto big pastures that lead up to the road I ran on today. It's too "wild" to run safely in during gun season, however.

In fact I even ran on that road with Carlo (once) and Swi (two or three times) back in August.

This is more or less what my whole route looked like today. It's a busy enough road (saw three vehicles in an hour or so) that it's safe to run on, I think. And I wait until well after sunrise to venture out.

It does have a few hills on it, but nothing significant. I'm thinking about trying to run along the roads to the passes, but they may be a little too forested to do safely. And the season ends Thanksgiving weekend. Then I can resume my adventures, possibly on snowshoes.

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