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Sunday, November 08, 2015

More art, snow almost gone

This is looking through "Gateway of Change" by Danish sculptor Jorn Ronnau. It's all made of tree trunks that were on the site, including a throne-like perch that's where I sat when I shot this picture through the gateway at the golden village of dreams on the other side. An early morning sunbeam was, cooperatively, striking the village square on.

Here's the village, also carved out of trunks or stumps. The roofs are gold leaf.

I shot this new installation yesterday when it was covered in snow, and again this morning when the snow was gone. It is "Of Earth, Of Sky, Of Place In Between" by Noellyn Pepos, an American sculptor. Her work is the most inscrutable of all in the park to me, even after I read her statement accompanying the sculpture. It's kind of cool, though.

This is a more detailed look at it. There are interesting textures on part of the metal.

Anyway, chased the deer around a bit on a sunny, cool (27) morning.

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