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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Repeat on ice

I did essentially the same run as yesterday, but it was quite different because of ice. The footing on the roaded parts of the route was treacherous — I didn't fall, but I did slip a couple of times. If the weather stays the same tomorrow, I will don the YakTrax.

Anyway, these are the big ponderosas at the back side of Hooper Park, where I started the route.

It was 25-30 with a brisk northwesterly wind and light snow. It got warm enough yesterday afternoon that the roads were warm when the overnight snow fell. That melted the snow at first, but by this morning it was glare ice.

I did the usual chasing of deer around in the sculpture garden.

I like several of the installations in the park, including the Picture Frame featured in yesterday's posting. Unaccountably, the village (above) that is part of Dane Jorn Ronnau's Gateway of Change never fails to capture my attention as I go by, and it grows on me.

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