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Monday, November 16, 2015

Snow and ice

Interesting morning. I went just as the sky was lightening, a little after 7, and parked near the restrooms in Hooper Park. From there I trotted east to the extension of Sucker Creek Road (that goes across private land down to the Blackfoot), then north to the west gate to the state land on Sucker Creek Road. It's the spot where yesterday I took the picture of the "Nature's Playground" sign.

What a difference a day makes. My YaxTrax might have been useful on the paved portions, because everything was coated with ice. Once in the sculpture garden (where the above snow-covered tepee burner was photographed), I was running on about an inch of snow, which was pleasant enough.

I zigzagged around the park, including past the collection of lean-tos and other shelters that were created by children late in the summer.

This is one of maybe a dozen such "forts" of varying size and complexity. The dusting of snow gives everything more contrast and makes the shapes more interesting.

The temperature was in the upper 20s, and there was an intermittently stiff westerly breeze, so it was a chilly run.

Even the gilded village takes on a new look in the snow.

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