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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stretching the route

I parked a little farther away — near the library — and repeated yesterday's route, more or less. Once inside the sculpture garden (the above is East-West Passage by March Jacobs and Sam Clayton of the UK), it's hard to say what routes I follow. I just wander around until my tracks in the snow occupy virtually all of the trails.

It was colder today — 25 when I looked — and dark and spitting snow, but running was very nice. I saw lots of deer, both near Hooper Park and on the sculpture garden.

This is the east end of my route (which started more than a mile and a half to the west and south), as well as the true entrance to the sculpture park. You can see the tepee burner in the background.

This is still my favorite, Picture Frame by Jaakko Pernu of Finland. It's almost 25 feet high, and is a giant frame filled with intricately interwoven branches.

This is the backside of the same piece. Felt good.

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