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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Zigzagging in muddy art

Wandered around in the sculpture garden again today, but it was warmer and what snow had been on the ground has changed the paths and roads into gumbo-ish mud. This is the old sign on the state land that is home to the garden and to the Frisbee golf course. It's at the far west end of the tract, opening onto Sucker Creek Road. I'm pointed north to show the sign.

This is turning 90 degrees to the right (east) to show the road I'd just slogged up. It also gives a little perspective on the nature of the sculpture garden — the white spot in the trees near the center of the picture is the House of Sky sculpture, which is the westernmost of the park's installations.

Unfortunately, the mud made running unpleasant, so I cut it off after one very circuitous lap. Temp is in the mid-40s and it's sunny — a beautiful day.

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