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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hoping for a freeze!

This is a new vantage point at the west edge of the state land, the same area where I ran Monday. This is looking west-northwest over the top of the Blackfoot (thus the leafless deciduous trees). I wound up running on the grassy hills instead of on the usual tracks today because the usual tracks were seriously muddy. It was an amazing 47 degrees as I ran, and it even rained some. I'm guessing the baldy road won't be much better, either wet glare ice like yesterday or a quagmire. I will go check it out this afternoon and see how it's progressed. If the ice is gone, it might be runnable tomorrow.

That's because the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is for strong winds to bring in colder air and some snow. If it freezes hard enough, the condition of the roads on which I've been running will be better (frozen mud actually is a pretty good surface to run on). Plus, 47 degrees? I could have worn shorts and a T-shirt today if it hadn't been so windy.

One result of running on the grassy hills was that I had to dodge the thousands of piles of elk scat, ample evidence that the critters are in the vicinity. I didn't see any today, but I did see fresh tracks in the mud, including one spot where it looked like an elk had slipped in the mud and possibly even fallen down!

I could have spent more time around this long-fallen ponderosa, because it had turned to driftwood and the patterns of the branches were nice. This is at least a representative sample.

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