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Friday, December 11, 2015

Moose in the snow!

After yesterday's run on the frozen ground, it snowed 3-5 inches (depending on altitude). I decided to run up Baldy, which was nice but snowy. I saw one moose along Poorman Creek on the way up and tried (with limited success) to photograph it in the poor predawn light (that picture will be at the bottom of this entry). But on my way back down the mountain, I spotted two more moose in the creek bottoms below me. One of them is visible in just about the exact middle of the above picture.

I also learned, looking at a map and Google Earth that the road on which I've been running is called the "Humbug Contour Road," which means that it eventually comes out on Humbug Creek some five miles east of Lincoln. Someday perhaps I'll do the whole thing.

The above two pictures were on the way up in the trackless (except for one set of deer tracks) road. The top one shows the road and the clouds across the valley lit up by the about-to-rise sun; the bottom one looks across Lincoln to the mountains north of town.

The road was OK to run on, but there were a few spots where ice beneath the snow made it a little ... hinky.

Once the cracking beneath my feet startled me. On the way back down, I saw why: I was breaking through not only the snow but the ice. Must have been a big puddle before the freeze yesterday.

This is about a quarter mile short of my turnaround spot. The snowy mountain in the distance is the rise to Baldy's peak.

As promised, this is the moose I saw a couple of miles below the two I saw from above. The picture proves, once again, that iPhones are great but they're lousy for wildlife photography. In the phone's defense, though, it is zoomed up quite a bit and the predawn light was very poor.

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