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Saturday, December 05, 2015

New Baldy route; pretty skies

This is the pre-dawn light over Baldy Mountain, which is the mountain on which I've been running this week.

Today, I tried a different trail from the same parking spot at the base of the mountain, and it took me up onto so rough, old logging tracks. Fortunately, the snow wasn't too deep. The sidehill was so steep that when I stopped at the far end of the road, I experienced a bit of vertigo.

This is looking back the way I'd come up from that far point. You can see how steep it is — and get a taste for the dicey footing.

This is looking uphill from the same spot If you look closely, you'll see three or four deer up there in the trees. The ears of one of them are sticking up toward the right; the rest of the critters — mulies, I think — are left of the ears, and on closer inspection I do see some white butts.

It was a warm morning, 34 degrees with only a slight breeze. When I got back down to tracks where vehicles had driven (during hunting season), I took a lower road to see where it went. As it turned out, it just went back out to the Stemple Pass Road about 200 yards up from where I was parked. Oh well.

This is the western sky (Black Mountain west of Lincoln in the distance) at the same time as the sunrise show looking eastward above. I'm always amazed at how these colorful sunrises affect the sky in all directions. I should go over 900 miles for the year tomorrow. :-)

4.5; 19; 19; 898

This is a bonus picture looking north toward the cloud-obscured Stonewall Mountain, shot from the same spot as the other two sky pics.
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