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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pink is the theme of the day

What a morning. Elk tracks everywhere, and a glorious orange and pink pre-sunrise sky over Baldy Mountain in the distance (probably 5 miles away).

It was cold today — 12 at the beginning and 14 at the end — but calm and picturesque. I saw deer, but no elk, despite the multitude of tracks.

This is looking north-northwest after sunrise from near my turnaround spot today. The footing was OK, but I did proceed cautiously. It's easy to turn an ankle running on rough roads that are covered with snow.

This is the same woodpile that I photographed on Thursday before it snowed (see below).

Even the clouds in the south — over a distant Dalton Mountain — were made pink by this sunrise.

And even my ugly puss, at the conclusion of a six-mile run, was a bit pink. Notice the frost on my fleece pullover.

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