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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Pretty morning

This tumbledown shack just uphill from my turnaround spot (wildlife gate — next picture) caught the attention of Nora and me almost 20 years ago when we were poking around on Baldy Mountain. It's a short way above where Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's "house" was situated, and we were looking around in the week after his arrest. I had read that he had little stashes and caches scattered around in the area's woods, and I wondered if this might have been one of them. At the time it wasn't in much better shape, but there was a padlocked chest freezer inside. I didn't go up to see if it's still there.

This is the gate at the turnaround, shot from the same spot as the shack picture above.

This old, long-closed road and gate is just a hundred yards or so below the above gate. It has never been open in the many years I've been going up there, but it appears to head — steeply — in the direction of the clearcut that I ran into yesterday. I'll have to look on Google Earth and see if my sense of direction and distance is in the ballpark.

This is just the road on the way back down. I thought the sky looked kind of pretty. I felt good today, making it all the way up and back relatively painlessly. I've finally got my YakTrax adjusted properly so there's no pinching or pressing as there has been in previous days.

Nice morning, but cooler — 21 degrees and a little windy, mostly in gusts.

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