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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Snow and elk! Back in the hills

The deer and elk tracks were plentiful as I returned to the Blackfoot River trail frequented last spring and summer. Snow not too deep, though tomorrow I'll wear the YakTrax.

I did see about 40 elk today, but they were up and in the trees and wouldn't have shown as much in pictures.

The weather was strange. Sunny and beautiful, and it went from a calm 5 degrees at the start to a breezy 25 at the conclusion. That means the chinook has arrived and the running should be wonderful the rest of the week.

Here's the river, looking wintry. Interestingly, many new trees were down, so much so that it was a little circuitous to get down to the water. I'm guessing that was from a gale-force wind front that sailed through Montana a week or so ago. Nothing blew down in town, but there were plenty down in this area. The Front on out to Great Falls and beyond reported record winds between 70 and 100 mph. In Lincoln it mostly just sounded like a train was going by.

The mountain in the distance is, of course, Baldy, and that's where I'm going tomorrow. I checked out the road on it after today's run and it looks eminently runnable. I won't get near the top tomorrow — not in that good of shape right now — but I can resume the most excellent aerobic workouts that a 5-mile uphill run can provide.

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