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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Snow and travel

Missed almost two weeks of running thanks to a lot of snow in Montana and traveling to Nebraska (which took longer than expected, thank you Delta). Finally got out today after it snowed in central Nebraska. I cleared the walks, laid in a holiday wood supply then ran around the island and out to the mailbox at my friend's house.

I was curious to look around down below, because I'm pretty sure I heard and saw a poacher, or at least some suspicious activity, just after sunset last night. I thought there might be a gut pile or something down below on the friend's land, but the snow covered the evidence.

All I found were lots of tracks like these and of deer. If I had to guess what these are, I'd say raccoon, but I don't know for sure.

Nice day; snow stopped before noon and that's about when I went out. Temp right around 30 with little wind. Overcast. There should be a couple of more pictures, but my friend's Internet is via satellite and thus a bit sluggish. If the other two show up in my mail in a bit, I'll add them.

4; 4; 56; 935

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