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Monday, December 07, 2015

To the river

So I did a full state-land-to-the-river run, like I was doing back in July and August. The mild (high 30s) weather and lack of significant snow made it not only possible, but also pleasant. This is the large pasture/meadow that is west of the state land. I went all the way out to it on the trail you can see here, then went north (right) to another road that goes back up and connects with the route I came in on. (How about that: a double stranded preposition, and as a grammarian I don't even mind it!)

I saw a single, unworried cow elk and numerous white tail deer.

Last week I mentioned (but didn't photograph) the newly fallen trees in the vicinity of the Blackfoot River on the state land. Here's a view of it, and it appeared that someone has been working down there with a saw and maybe a skidder.

Farther up the route, in a logged area, a large ponderosa pine was snapped off about 15 feet up. All of this is, I'm sure, the result of a major wind storm that blew through Montana about a month ago. I heard it in Lincoln, but saw no damage. A dozen or more new blow-downs were in evidence out here by the river. I think the river bottom acts as a sort of wind tunnel.

There were gusts of 90 and 100 out along the Rocky Mountain Front, in the usual windy spots: Browning, Choteau, Dupuyer, etc.

This is also at the west end of the state land, looking more to the north at the ubiquitous Stonewall Mountain.

As long as I'm mentioning Stonewall, I might as well also offer this view of Baldy, where I've been running the past week.

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