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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Up Baldy Mountain

Today, as promised, I ran up the road that goes over the north flank of Baldy Mountain, and I got farther than I expected. This is maybe two-thirds or so of the way to my destination today, which was just short of the gate. It is the view across the Blackfoot/Lincoln Valley to the mountains north of town that are the south face of the Scapegoat Wilderness.

It was a beautiful morning, cold at the outset (5) but, like yesterday, warming fairly quickly to 24. I'd put the elevation change in this stretch to be approximately 400 feet, so I got a good aerobic workout.

This was a mile or so lower, earlier in the run, as the sunrise put a little pink in the clouds over the valley.

I saw no wildlife and little evidence of any along the road. As my "shape" improves I'll get farther up the road, and I'm sure there are critters on the east side of Baldy.

This view looking down on one of the residences on Fields Gulch put me in mind of the tiny, carved "Village" in the sculpture garden, oft-photographed by me (see earlier posts).

This is just looking across to the west of the Baldy road. I like these kinds of texture shots, but this one didn't work all that well. I'll keep watch for the desired effects in the future.

I'll be spending several hours splitting wood today. Fortunately it's going to be relatively warm (in the 30s). The forecast reaches all the way up to 40 by next week.

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