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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Back to the scene ...

... of the wolf fight of the day before. It was quite a bit colder today (18-20), and it snowed more overnight, so I waited until after CBS Sunday Morning and Face the Nation to run. When I did, though, I returned to the route of yesterday, but went farther up. The picture is from some high ground above and on the west side of Keep Cool Creek.

I looked at Google Earth just now and it appears this branch of trail goes far up the creek. Odd I hadn't noticed it before. I'd gone on a parallel track on the other side of the creek a few times, though in spring it was swampy. This one looks like it'd be much drier.

I did still see a few clumps of wolf fur in the snow, but only because a snowmobile had churned it up. The machines are good for me, because they pack the snow to make it runnable.

Light snow fell as I ran, and in open areas there was a stiff breeze out of the northwest that made it ... bracing. I met one snowmobile on the way out, and three more just as I got back to the parking area.

5; 18.5; 20.5; 20.5
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