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Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy new year!

So after a couple of weeks of a hacking cough picked up in Nebraska around New Year's Day, I finally felt well enough to get outside. The snow depth is sufficient that running would be difficult except on roads, so I tried out the cross-country ski boots (and my old skis) my Nebraska friend gave me (he'd outgrown them).

I went to the state land on the south side of the river and retraced the route on which I'd been running before the Nebraska trip. I made it just a mile, to the cattle salt lick. There were elk tracks about, and now there are ski tracks (behind me in the picture).

It was warm — 35 or so, and the fresh snow was a bit like skiing on mashed potatoes (not terribly enjoyable). Pretty out, though.

This is the view to the south at the turnaround spot. The going was slow (15 minutes to this spot).

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