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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Over to the snowmobile trails

The tall man says howdy from a mile or so up the east-of-town snowmobile trail.

This looks like a good place to run for the next few weeks, because logging equipment and snowmobiles have packed the snow. Not sure how far this road goes in passable condition, but it was decent for running today.

The temp was about 30 this morning, on its way back into the 40s later.

This is back toward the car from today's turnaround spot.

In addition to snowmobiles, the road was packed by some large, tracked equipment, and there was evidence of active logging in the area. I saw some workers, but no cutting under way.

Because of a bad chest cold, I got a late start on exercising this year and figured I'd fall behind last year right at the outset. But looking back in the archive, I see that my runs last year — when I was just starting up after several years of not running — were so short that the month's total was just 12.3. If I run each of the next three days, and stretch to 3 or 4 miles, I'll actually and easily be ahead of last year. My annual total for 2015, by the way was 937.5 miles.

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