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Friday, January 29, 2016

Slog with a wrong turn

Got a bit earlier start today on the same track as yesterday, and the sunrise was both beautiful and fleeting — this scene lasted only a couple of minutes.

After yesterday's run, the loggers came through with a blade and cleared the bottom half mile or so, with the unfortunate result that the snowmelt from adjacent piles created a sheet of ice overnight. Once I got past them — at the gate near the old sawmill — the track was pretty good. It was snow and ice packed by one tracked vehicle and numerous snowmobiles.

I went out two miles to the west, near where I saw wolves last year, then took a bad turn on the return trip. At a "T" intersection of trails a quarter mile or so past the creek crossing, I usually go left (west) or straight (uphill onto logging roads). I went left today, but when I got back to it on the return trip, I decided to take the right trail thinking it would get me back to the creekside gulch trail. As it turns out, this track appears to be another creekside trail, but on the other side of the creek. I will explore it more tomorrow.

In the meantime, my only choice was to return to the T and go back the way I came. The diversion made for a longer-than-intended run — 5 miles instead of the intended 4. I felt pretty good, and the ice necessitated slow going in places. Temperature was the low 30s.

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