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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Updated annual mileage table

Below is a chart of the annual totals from the 11 years of running recorded in this blog. The numbers went way south from 2011 on because of foot problems, followed by a major reconstructive surgery on the right foot, followed by a year and a half or so of — horror of horrors — smoking!

I have hard-copy journals going back into the '70s, and maybe sometime I'll dig them out and add them to this.

It will take a few months to get the mileage up, but my goal is to average 100 a month by the end of the year (1,200 for the year).

2005 803
2006 891.5
2007 1,100
2008 1,415.5
2009 1,034
2010 661
2011 200.5
2012 7.5
2013 140
2014 0
2015 937.5
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