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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wolves in the predawn snow

So I headed the same way as yesterday, only I purposely took the right turn at the T intersection. On the way there, the predawn light lit the sky in the west (top photo). A short time later, it lit up Stonewall Mountain, northwest of where I was running.

That was pretty, and it was colder today — 24 at the outset. A short way up the trail after turning, I started following a single set of wolf tracks — and they were big, as wide as my entire index finger (just over 3 inches).

They were going the same way I was going (east), and I follwed them up the trail until another, slightly smaller set came in from the deep snow off the trail. A short distance from their conjunction, they obviously had a fight in which fur (but no blood) was shed.

These are two shots of the spot where the tussle occurred, one from closer to the messed-up snow and fur, other showing more of the tracks. It undoubtedly occurred overnight, because they were fresh in the snow, and it snowed pretty much all afternoon/evening yesterday, and I was there at sunrise.

Anyway, it was a nice run and the total (4.5 miles) puts me ahead of last January, which isn't saying much.

4.5; 13.5; 15.5; 15.5
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