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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beautiful morning

Numerous puddles had thin ice on them today, and some of them made really nice patterns. This is the side of one large-ish one about a mile and a half into today's run to the river from Herrin Lakes Road.

This is the full puddle. Nice eh?

The murder of ravens I commented about a couple of days ago still was in evidence today, but I didn't see nearly as many. Here are a couple that came out of the trees to check me out.

The snow was still fine for running (firm enough to hold my considerable weight), and spots that looked muddy were easily circumvented. I did go over to the sculpture park yesterday, but it was pouring rain, the tracks muddy and the snow/ice exceedingly slippery. I ran a total of about two blocks before giving up.

Last night was a volunteer-appreciation and fund-raising concert for the sculpture park and it was wonderful. Great music and a fun crowd (75 or so by my reckoning). The music was by Great Northern, which comprises the old Mission Mountain Wood Band man Rob Quist, his very talented daughter Halladay, and superb side men, a lead guitarist and a drummer, both younger fellas from Missoula.

Must have been a mighty wind that snapped this old ponderosa off halfway up.

Today it was exactly 32 when I ran, but it must have been a little colder overnight because the track was in good shape. I went down into the ravine and up a ways on the other side, so today's run was an authentic 4. If I do it again tomorrow, I'll be on my way to having a March that will put me ahead of last year. I'm trailing it at the moment because of the lung issues I was having in January and most of this month.

4; 10; 18.5; 39
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