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Monday, February 01, 2016

Cold but smooth

Not a dazzling sunrise, but the broken sky was pretty and subtle this morning. I ran early — 20 minutes before sunrise — and a little shorter just in the interest of not overdoing it. I'll skip tomorrow to drive to Great Falls for eye checkups and provisions.

It was colder today, in the mid to upper teens, so I dressed accordingly (fleece and mittens). Very comfortaable.

I met the snowmobile club's trail groomer near the start and stood to the side as he passed. Below is what the trail looked like after he passed.

I'm not sure whether the grooves on the snow are visible in the picture, but the result of grooming is definitely a smoother trail. It's a little like running on sand, however — a little slower and more strenuous than running on a uniformly hard surface.

I ran to a spot just short of the T intersection I've mentioned before, but it was across Keep Cool Creek. This is the bridge which, in the spring and summer, is the only dry way across the small creek. The creek is frozen and snow-covered now and probably will remain so for a few more months.

(I just noticed the size of the pictures above after posting. I took pictures of some artwork last night and had the phone/camera set on "Square" instead of "Photo". I just reset it so my Wednesday post will be back to normal picture size.)

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