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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hooray I'm better!

This is the House of Sky installation at the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture Park, where, happily, I was able to run today.

I've been fighting a horrible and long cold for almost two months (it's had three different "phases" stacked end to end). Feeling better the past two days, so today I ventured out and felt great.

Regular readers of this log (all three of you) will recognize these pictures as other installations in the park. There's a fund-raiser and thank-you concert here in Lincoln Saturday night featuring Rob Quist and his daughter. I have my ticket.

After today's run, I drove up toward Stemple and Herrin Lakes to see how my preferred routes look, and I'm thrilled to report that they're in good shape and eminently runnable. I'll go there tomorrow, starting with the state land that goes down to the river from the south. I can put together nice 4-to-6-mile runs in there.

Once I've got the base back up to "normal," I'll go on up to the Baldy Mountain track, which I now know to be the Hogum Creek Contour Road. It has considerable (several thousand feet) elevation gain, so I'll need to work up to it gradually.

Also, I'll need to run early in the morning while the ground's still frozen, because the routes will turn to quagmires after the temperature rises.

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