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Monday, February 29, 2016

Patterns on Leap Day

Today I tried out the Contour Road up Baldy Mountain, and it was great. The snowbank on the north face (where it's always been) was slightly treacherous because it's sloped and ice-encrusted ... if I want to go further I'll have to carry my YakTrax up to that point and put them on (I don't want to run 2 miles on a bare, rocky track with the Trax on).

This is the root ball of a large, well-rotted and bug-eaten log that had rolled down onto the road a mile and a half or so up from where I parked. Here are two more shots of the same log:

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I was able to motor up onto the aforementioned snowbank. This is good, because the slope of this track is such that it's a substantial aerobic workout for the first 4 miles or so — the training work-up is excellent.

Once again it was right around freezing, so the puddles were sheeted with thin ice again. Here are two:

This one is reminiscent of a topographical map of a mountainous area ... same puddle as the top picture. Now that I look at it, that middle ring, combined with the rocks, looks like an exotic bird.

It was a gray day and windy, so I had to wear my fleece "turtle" hat around my neck instead of on my head.

This is the little drainage Nora and I call Disappearing Creek, because if you climb up the mountain, the tiny creek flows in some places and goes underground in others. We found a deer antler up there about 20 years ago, and it's a little hat rack now at my house.

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