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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Snow storm

As it turns out, I should have waited an hour or so before going for today's run. I went early and it was in a driving snow storm, in my face on the way out.

It was pretty, but uncomfortable because I chose my clothing (fleece pullover and light gloves) poorly. It was snowing at my house when I left, but there didn't seem to be any wind. When I got to my track, there was about a 20 mph wind in my face. The selfie above doesn't fully show the way the snow was pasted on me (I had brushed it off a time or two).

Anyway, I cut it short after going out just a mile. I did meet an empty logging truck coming to the work area in the lower quarter mile or so of the track.

Temp was fine — 25 or so.

2; 5.5; 5.5; 26
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