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Friday, February 26, 2016

To the river

As predicted yesterday, I took the state-land track down to the Blackfoot River as the sun was rising, and it was gorgeous. It's about three days past the full moon, but it's still striking.

Good and cold (23), which kept the snow firm and crusted and the mud frozen. I passed through perhaps the biggest murder of ravens I've ever seen. They were congregated in the little woods that surround the seasonal pond where last year I almost always heard sandhill cranes.

Today, I heard many geese but saw none. The ravens, though, were thick, a hundred or more. They jumped out from the trees and circled all around me as I passed by. They were calmer on my return trip half an hour later.

I got to the river easily. This picture is looking east, toward the almost risen sun.

And this one is pivoting to look downstream, to the west.

I went on up the road to the high point before it drops into the logging area. Returned on the road, not via the riverbank.

The tall man says howdy along the way to that high point. The snow was plenty hard enough to hold my weight, but there were tracks in it, undoubtedly made when it was warmer, wherein others had sunk to the ground. Saw some coyote tracks today.

I'll probably do the same run for the next few days to build the base. I'm going to call today's run 4 miles because I understated yesterday's mileage. If I duplicate it going forward, I'll shorten it to 3.5.

4; 6; 14.5; 35
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