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Friday, March 25, 2016

A run for the birds

At my turnaround spot on the river, there was a heretofore unnoticed deer stand that appeared to be relatively new. I'm no expert on them, but this one was interesting because in addition to the strap-on seat, there were three strap-on steps to get up to the seat.

A branch of the river is in the background ... it's right on the south bank.

This is the hunter's ground-level view upstream from the stand. I went there today by the regular route (on the road), which was still frozen enough to avoid making too much of a mess.

As I crested the first hill from the car, I noticed something breaking the horizon on the hilltop to my right. It was obscured by trees as I trotted, but maybe 10 steps later I looked up again and saw a large dog (and that was what I'd seen before), accompanied by a man in a cap and letter jacket. I waved and he waved, so I guess no harm done either way. It was on state land, and there are a couple of seasonal houses/cabins east of the state land a quarter mile or so.

I mentioned birds in the headline above. First, and most exciting to me because I love the sound of them, was the arrival of sandhill cranes. Several were chattering in the large field/meadow east of the state land. Here's a picture taken in their direction, but they're not visible.

If you zoom it up, you can barely make out a couple of large birds somewhere near the center of the picture. I couldn't tell for sure, but I think they were Canada geese. The cranes sounded as if they were in the marshy thickets on the other side of the meadow.

I made a little video of this scene, not because it was scenic but because you could hear the cranes' calls — which I think are right up there with the call of the loon — haunting, nice. Can't get a vid to work on here, unfortunately.

Two other nice bird things today: First was a flock of about 30 mountain bluebirds! I had noticed a few of the many bluebird houses around here were occupied, meaning the birds were back. Well, evidently they migrate in bunches because this was almost startling, so bright and beautiful it was. Felt like I was in a scene of a Disney cartoon.

Also, saw a pair of wood ducks on Herrin Lake on my way back home. More beautiful birds.

Finally, here's my odd track of the day. I hadn't seen one like it before, with its distinct digits. Upon cursory research online once I got home, I'd say it's just a good-sized raccoon. Not so unusual.

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