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Friday, March 18, 2016

Back at it, with elk

Returned to the state land after a three-day hiatus to make a Great Falls trip and recover from a cough. Today, there were two sizable herds of elk on this tract. This is the second. I have a good video of them crossing the river, but I've never been able to get video to work on blogger.

This is the first herd I saw. I first spotted them loafing on an open but generally protected hillside. The run was later today because it was cold — 10 degrees at my usual time; 22 when I finally went, around 10:30. I guess the elk relax in the midday. Anyway, I got pretty close to them because a rise kept me from their view, but when I popped up, they headed off to the east, into the field where you can make them out in a clump in the middle of the field (which isn't as far away as the picture makes it seem).

It was interesting because as I photographed and video'd the trotting off, and even after they were farther away and just standing around, I thought I could still hear other hoofbeats pounding through the trees to the north. I continued on to the river where I encountered the second large grouping (top photo). That's new: two herds in this 1000-acre or so tract.

Anyway, felt good and the ground was, for the most part, frozen enough to give good footing.

The doctor trip was to get an eye checkup, the last after the retina surgery last September, and to see about a nagging chest congestion. Nothing in evidence, but that doc suggested more rigorous (as prescribed) use of my inhaled steroids, and it seems to be working. I've never liked using them much, so only have when it seemed like I had some inflammation. He said I definitely have some inflammation, but it's in the upper parts of my lungs.

Anyway, good forecast for running this weekend.

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