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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Birthday run: Done!

There are two "peaks" on the Waterworks Hill birthday run that I've done every year since 1975, and this fence line, including really old car frames, has always cut between them. This is looking toward the second top. The trail has been greatly improved over the years (used to have to climb over the fence or through the car frames). I measured today, and it went from 3,330 feet at the trailhead to 3,860 or so at the top.

I met a guy going the opposite direction on top and stopped to talk with him. He said the trail he'd come up would, in fact, get me back to the trailhead I'd used, so I decided to try it.

I shot this a short time after talking to him, and this was the way down the other (west) side of the mountain. It winds around to the left and eventually returns eastward parallel to and a couple hundred feet above the Insterstate.

This is after the trail bent back to the south. If you click on this and click it again to zoom it up, you'll see a tiny runner approaching in the distance, somewhere around the trees.

This is within a mile of the trailhead on the way back, looking southward over Missoula. The broad street we're looking down is Higgins Ave, exactly. Different view!

I posted a video of a stretch along the talk on Facebook for anyone who wants more of this scintillating stuff.

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