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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drizzly morning

This view is looking southeastward, generally up Poorman Creek toward Stemple Pass. Baldy Mountain is at the left.

Got out early this morning, under a light drizzle and mostly cloudy skies. I didn't want to go on the Contour Road again, so returned to the state land south of the river. Because of the weather, I decided to stay off the road for the most part because it is muddy (temperature was around 40). On this tract, that means staying on high ground for the most part. My route took me eventually to the same point above what I call the logging ravine (for obvious reasons) as I've visited on previous runs via the road.

Here's the ravine. One of my longer, via-road routes takes me up the ravine (to the left) at the bottom, then up onto the high ground across the way in this picture. There's been a lot of logging down there in the past couple of years, though never when I was running in the area.

This is typical of the high-ground route I took today. This is looking north across the valley toward a cloud-enshrouded Stonewall (what else?) Mountain.

Once again I was hoping to see elk, but I'm afraid my encounter with them Monday may have chased them off to the south. Tomorrow I may try out the south side of Herrin Lakes Road in an area where there was heavy logging a month or so ago. There is one not-too-steep route that would take me out onto similar open high ground south of where I ran today.

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