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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Elk still 'away'

I love when this happens: hoar frost on blades of grass sticking up through ice. This is on a small pond near Saturday's turnaround spot on the western edge of the state land south of the Blackfoot.

Here's another, closer look:

I saw one of the elk herds on my way to my "running grounds;" they were more or less where they moved off to when I spooked them yesterday. They were visible from the Stemple Pass Road not far from Lincoln if you knew where to look.

This is just a picturesque tree on the hillside above the pond pictured above.

Once again, it was really cold early (9 degrees) so I again waited until a little later to run. It was 22 when I started; unfortunately it was about 40 when I finished, so the previously frozen mud was simply mud on the return trip.

Still a good day. Saw kingfishers, ducks and geese along the way, and heard a hawk. Based on last year's runs in this area, it's probably a red-tail.

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