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Monday, March 21, 2016

Great Falls nostalgia

This is the Colter Trail east of Giant Springs Heritage State Park. It winds around on the bluffs' edge above the road, then splits into different loops down at the east end, through some small coulees and atop some high hills. One branch of the trail actually goes close to the trestle. In the old days, I used to run across the trestle and wander the hills on the other side of the river. Since construction of the new power plant (Rainbow Falls unit), there's all kinds of stuff up there and I'm not sure it's still accessible.

Besides, in my dotage I don't have my old no-fear attitude about heights. I learned that last summer zip-lining with my niece and her husband. I loved the zipping, but felt very insecure, vertiginous, I think is the word, standing around on the platforms 30 or 40 feet off the ground.

This is the far east end of the same trail, along the fence that separates the trail from the road. Note the prairie "foliage," including yuccas that stick out onto the trail.

It was almost 70 degrees when I ran, wearing shorts for the first time this year. It was very windy as well, from, of course, the southwest. I was in GF for another eye checkup. Follow-up visits after my retina surgery turned up marginally high "occular hypertension," which means pressure in the eyeballs. That can be a sign or precursor to glaucoma, I'm told, so I was visiting my other eye doc about that. Naturally, my eye pressure was good today. Nonetheless he wants me to return next week for a series of tests that will determine whether any glaucoma-related stuff is going on.

Don't know who dug this, but I have seen foxes in this area, so that'd be my guess. The dirt didn't look recently disturbed. The hole was on the east edge of a sizable ravine.

This is looking north, down the same ravine toward the Missouri River (actually the impoundment behind Rainbow Dam).

Felt like the tin man today, but managed a slow 5 nonetheless. My plan is to skip tomorrow as I go to Missoula to see Nora and get her a new cellphone (she's way overdue). Then, on Wednesday, my 66th birthday, I plan to repeat a run that I've done on or about my birthday every year since 1975, when I lived near the small mountain. Last year I actually posted a small video from my birthday run on Facebook. Probably won't do that this year, my 41st annual jaunt up Waterworks Hill north of Missoula.

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