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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hmmm ... wolf or dog?

For the far mile and a half or so, I was following fresh tracks that had to be either wolf or big dog. I saw no other human tracks anywhere in the 2-inch-deep snow, so either there's a big, free-range dog out there or a wolf. Could be either. Almost to the end, I saw a small group of elk — a big buck and three or four cows. I wonder if they're forming their little harems now? I don't know enough about elk patterns.

Anyway, I repeated the past few days' runs on the state land, mostly because it was snowy and rapidly warming. Judging by the forecast, it may be sloppy tomorrow, so I may go to the Humbug Contour Road which is steep but rockier and thus less muddy.

Beautiful sky contrasting with the bright snow field and trees. This and the next picture of the pond both are maybe half a mile short of my riverside turnaround spot.

This is the same pond where previous pictures showed hoar-frosted grass blades sticking up through ice.

This is what much of today's track looked like — melting, popcorn-like snow.

I felt pretty tired today and ran pretty slowly — partly because footing was a little dicey on the snow. Yesterday I mentioned bluebirds, sandhill cranes and wood ducks. Today I heard and saw the kingfishers, heard the cranes, and, on the creek in front of my house, saw a pair of hooded mergansers, which may even be cooler looking than wood ducks.

This is an Internet picture of a pair of the mergansers (in other words, I didn't go out and try to photograph them). This is, however, exactly what they look like.

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