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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Lo-o-ong snowbank!

I felt a little woozy early today, having awakened about 4 in the morning, so I thought to skip a day. Then I fell asleep on the couch while listening to POTUS on the satellite radio and reading newspapers. I ate a small breakfast early, so about 11 I was feeling much more chipper, and it was still cold enough that the mud would be frozen. Off I went to the Humbug Contour Road.

I had decided a few runs ago to try to slog through the snowbank on the northslope part of the road, and today I tried it. Turns out the snowbank was longer than I remembered — about a mile by my reckoning. I got to the last northward curve near the end and gave up, mostly because it was getting windy and I, being a bit sweaty, was cold. The picture is near my turnaround point; the hillside above is Baldy Mountain.

Maybe midway through the snowbank is a stretch of bare ground and a nice vista point where the road curves from northward to eastward (and resumption of the snowbank ... maybe even a longer stretch of it than the first one).

Interesting weather, with periods of sun, clouds, sleet and fairly strong wind. Temperature was mid to high 30s. Felt good.

5; 15.5; 41.5; 84.5

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