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Friday, March 04, 2016

Long loop on state land

It was such a beautiful morning that I decided to do a long-ish loop on the Blackfoot River/state land route. I went all the way to the west edge of the land, but on the longer, ravine route in which I go down, through a fence, and out to the west edge boundary road. From there I went north to the trail I visited a few days ago when I took my little tumble.

Oddly, at the spot of my fence crossing (wiggling under it), I hadn't noticed before how the barbed wire has been absorbed by a tree. It's a good 6-8 inches inside the tree, which suggests it's been there a very long time.

Anyway, I felt good. It was 30 as I headed out and, unfortunately and surprisingly, 45 by the time I got back to the car (75 minutes). I say unfortunate because that meant the mud was thawing and I had to pick my way carefully to avoid being mired.

Up on the high ground before dropping to the fence and the west end, there was an old, burst puffball mushroom on the trail.

And there was quite a bit of the pretty ice along the way, although none quite as artistic as sheets I saw earlier. Here's one:

Anyway, I managed the longer run with little difficulty, although I was ready to be done by the time I got back to the car.

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