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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

More ice; a little blood!

The frozen puddles continued to attract my attention this morning as I ran on the state land, past the river bank and down the middle road that usually is my return route when I go the full circuit. It was colder today (22) but blessedly calm.

Here are a couple of more ice shots:

This is near my turnaround spot today, on the hill just above the western edge of the state land, overlooking the big pasture and a seasonal pond.

There was a little pain today shortly after the turnaround, because I tripped on a root or a rock on some hard-frozen ground, and fell to my right side. These are the right elbow of my (yellow) shirt and white jacket.

My right knee has a good patch on it, too, and my hands are a little sore. Five degrees warmer and the fall would have been onto soft, wet ground. As it happened, though, it was hard as a rock and rough to boot.

It's the basic little kid's skinned knee and elbow, but it wasn't pleasant as it happened. I regularly curse myself when I trip, admonishing, often with bad language, to be careful and mind my footing. I forgot today.
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