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Sunday, March 20, 2016

One elk herd is back

If you look on the ridge top, you'll see a bunch of elk silhouetted against the sky. I think it's the second herd I spooked the other day and photographed crossing the river. They came back evidently. The other herd I could still see out in the fields east of the state land, so they haven't returned yet.

Beautiful morning, and I went all the way to the river on the land west of the state tract.

Here's the low morning sun — on this the vernal equinox — over the Blackfoot.

This is near the spot of the sun picture above, but shooting back the way I'd conme. The river bank was my turnaround spot today.

I went earlier, so stuff was good and frozen. Here's another picture of the hoarfrost on blades of grass sticking above the frozen pond.

And here is an experimental picture. There was frost everywhere, including on this road. The twinkling of the frost in the sun was striking — and colorful. If you zoom this picture up by clicking on it (on a computer) then zooming it, you can see the colorful sparkles.

I went farther today by a fair amount, but the time suggested it was closer to the fives I've been claiming the past few days.

5; 20; 65; 109
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