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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Same route, a day later

Yesterday's picture of the Fields Gulch "community" was a snowy, winter wonderland. Twenty-four hours later much of the snow is gone and sun was shining on it (though the clouds came back with flurries about 15 minutes after this was shot).

I repeated yesterday's route and was surprised to see that a vehicle had been up the road since I ran. As I was leaving in my car, a pickup arrived and the old fellow driving it (sorry ... probably younger than I am) let out his old black lab for a run and headed up the road where I'd just been running. I'm guessing that's who drove up the road yesterday.

With the sun peeking out, the views today were nice — and very different from yesterday. This is across the Lincoln (and Blackfoot) Valley toward Stonewall Mountain and others north of town.

This is an unremarkable shot, but this is the "snowbank" to which I've referred in earlier posts about running on the Humbug Contour Road. I usually go up the bumpy snowbank a ways, then turn around. Eventually — maybe even tomorrow — I'll pick my way over it and continue up the road, which should be open.

Similarly this is the log of which I've been shooting close-ups the past week or so. It obviously rolled down from somewhere above.

And because I was passing anyway, here's yet another pattern in the log.

Chilly today (25 or so) but calm and occasionally sunny. Nice. Smiling again.

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