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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Same spot; no elk

Repeated the high route of yesterday in hopes of crossing paths with the elk herd but saw none. I veered right before getting to the road and went around the swampy ravine near the eastern edge of the state land. It's the spot where last year I often heard sandhill cranes. Heard only geese and many kingfishers today. This is east of that ravine, looking north. The trees in the area are big and bushy.

This is from the same spot, turning 90 degrees to the left (west) across the aforementioned ravine.

I went down and joined the usual road about a mile and a half from its origin on Herrin Lakes Road (where I've been parking the past month or so) and followed it down to the river.

This is the usual downstream (west) view at the river point. Instead of battling through deadfall on the road, I found a good course through the woods from the river to a point on the road west of the mess. Returned the same way. Saw and heard many kingfishers near the river. Usually when I see them they're alone or in a pair, but there must have been a dozen, and the chittering sound superseded the honking geese on the river itself.

Warmer this morning, ranging from 32 at the outset to 42 when I got back to the car.

5.5; 10.5; 36.5; 79.5
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