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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tracks in the snow

The sun tries to burn through the low snow clouds. Two to three inches fell overnight, making a winter wonderland out of the Humbug Contour Road and the greater Lincoln area. This was a little more than a mile above my car, which was parked just off Stemple Pass Road.

The temperature was great — about 30 degrees — and it snowed on me most of the time I was running. My feet (right) became a little encrusted, but it was comfortable overall.

My route took me to what had been the north-slope snow bank and turned around. I put that in a past tense because the entire route was something of a snow bank today.

Even so, the footing was good. Few things in my experience match the feeling of freedom, even a kind of bliss, that hits me when running in such a quiet, beautiful place. Believe it or not I actually had a big smile on my face all the way back down the mountain.

Here are my tracks, so you can see that it wasn't really a problem.

This is looking west and down on Fields Gulch and its little community (three residences and a few outbuildings). The gulch is opposite and may, geologically, correspond to the Disappearing Creek drainage on the east side of my road (photographed on my last run up this route a couple of days ago).

The light wasn't good, and the snow was relatively dry, so the tracks of what appeared to be a pair of wolves were not sharp. I followed them for maybe a quarter mile. They came down from above the road and eventually disappeared off to the west, down the mountain.

Finally, what a difference a day makes. Below are two pictures of the same rotten log that I photographed a few days ago because of the cool patterns on it. Today the snow obscured the patterns.

It's supposed to get into the high 40s and low 50s the next few days, so the snow will disappear, possibly even later today.

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