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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Uneventful on the mountain

Returned to the Humbug Contour Road (which, by the way, I have been calling, mistakenly, Hogum Creek Contour Road in the past week or two) and ran uneventfully to the snowbank.

The only thing I changed up was taking a little side trail from the snowbank for a couple hundred yards. I think it goes down onto a meadow that the contour road overlooks and that has had a little trailer in it for years. It's also a way down to the spot where Ted Kaczynski's place was. The picture above is looking back up that side trail.

The temperature was 28 when I started and still was 28 at the end. A few days ago I checked the elevation of this four-mile route, and it's about 350 feet up spread over two miles. Most of it is in the first mile, however.

Saw no one else and little of interest. It's a lightly overcast day so even the views, which can be great, were not worth photographing (for the 20th time).

Depending on the weather (rain is in the forecast but probably later than I'll be running), I may try picking my way over the bumpy snowbank (it goes a quarter mile or more) and wander on up toward the Baldy Mountain trail.

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