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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wet and windy

The crossing at Keep Cool Creek looks quite a bit different now from early February, when I was last there. At that time, there was no creek, just snow. Even so, today it could have been called Keep Cold Creek because even though the temp was above freezing (barely), it was gusty and spitting snow and graupel.

I ran almost through the state land along the snowmobile trail east of town. I saw dozens of elk tracks, and they looked fresh. However, I saw no critters.

This is on the state land in the vicinity of my turnaround spot today, looking south into the valley northeast of Lincoln. Most of the snow visible this morning fell overnight. Even more fell the night before, but all of it, at least down in the valley, had melted by evening.

Felt pretty good; tomorrow I'll try to squeeze a Great Falls run in between a series of visits to the eye surgeon, who's doing multiple (about two hours apart) tests aimed at determining whether I am developing glaucoma. (He didn't think so, but wanted to test nonetheless because the other surgeon, doing followups to last September's retina surgery, kept finding slightly elevated eyeball pressure. It's always something.

Standing on the little (and degenerating) Keep Cool bridge, this is the view downstream. Tonight in Great Falls I'll have one of the Scottish ales named for this very creek!

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