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Friday, April 01, 2016

Oh what a beautiful morning ...

So today's route returned to the state land south of the Blackfoot River. Happily (for me) it was chilly — 27 at the outset — so yesterday's thaw was frozen. Judging by the forecast, I'd say the ground will be dry enough after the next couple of days (barring more rain/snow) to run no matter what the temperature.

The top picture is just looking upstream shortly after sunrise; the other is just a 160-degree turn from the same spot to look downstream. Both are from my five-mile-run turnaround spot, near the deer stand I photographed recently.

Other than its beauty, it was an uneventful run. No elk; no unusual birds. I guess the chirruping of robins is a new addition to the soundscape now. Also heard kingfishers, ravens, geese and sandhill cranes.

I suppose in the spirit of the date I should say that I saw mountain lions, moose, grizzlies and wolves.

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