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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Out yet again

Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny morning so I tried something new — going south from my usual state land parking place. 

I followed an abandoned road zigzagging up a mountain to the giant pasture or meadow I've visited from a different starting point in the past. I then followed a deer trail along the top of the trees, thinking to find a different way back down. 

Finally I decided to go straight down, because I was basically straight up from my car. I didn't get far on the steep slope before a hidden muddy spot got me. My right leg flew out, but my left hung in the grass. Full weight came down on the bent leg and something popped. After a couple of futile attempts at standing, I got on the cell phone. Two hours and a mountain rescue via litter later, I was in an ambulance headed to Helena.

Torn quad tendon and surgery now are in store. 🤕

Update: Seeing a surgeon Monday afternoon in Great Falls. :-(
Posted by Mose, 9:18 AM


I hope everything went well and I'm sorry this happened! ( always worry about you running alone in them thar hills.
Blogger Melia, at 5:03 PM  

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