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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Big wind!

Went back to the Robious Landing park this afternoon after taking a day off to watch the Cornhuskers win 28-7 over hapless Maryland. This old tree carcass guards the bank of the James River.

We ran more on our own today, and I brought the car back (Swi said he'd run). It's exactly a mile from his house to the park, and I don't want to waste my precious running along streets and houses.

I did one full circuit, including one dead-end spur that took me out to some residences, then a smaller loop on the boathouse side. Felt pretty good, but both knees are stiff, not just the one I wrecked last spring. Disuse, I'm guessing — hoping, actually.

It is a beautiful, sunny day but much cooler (high 40s) and very windy — gusts up to 33 mph according to the Weather Service.

There are benches scattered along on the shore of the James River, though few offer much in the way of views.

Quite a few folks were out walking, about half with dogs (on leashes, fortunately).

I just noticed that I never computed my mileage for the run last April in which I injured myself. I'd gone more than 5 that day when I slipped on a steep, muddy patch and destroyed my left knee. I'll insert that five into my total below. So far so good on the comeback, though today I did notice that my ankle wobbled a couple of times when I stepped on a rock or hickory nut.

2.5; 11; 13.5; 170.5
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