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Friday, November 18, 2016

I MAY be back!

The James River looking west at the Robious Landing. After several days of gingerly trying out my knee on treadmills at my friend Jerry's gym, we ventured onto trails in Alexandria, Va., for two days. We returned to Richmond last night and ran in the Robious Landing Park trails. I'm doing about 2.5 miles atm, very slowly.

The knees (both of 'em) are loosening up, I'm happy to report. Still some pain, but not bad.

This is looking eastward from the same spot.

The weather is spectacular — 50s while running, close to 70 by afternoon. Snowing in Minnesota and Nebraska today!

At the conclusion of the run, I did this selfie at the map of the area. The trails are relatively flat and hard dirt/gravel.

Amazingly, there was a guy out there leaf-blowing the trail today! The full loop of a trail is just over 3 miles. I did a shortened loop with an out-and-back to bring it to 2.5 miles, conservatively.

It's been about seven months since my last running post. I hope to continue it now, including starting in December from Italy.

2.5 (today); 8.5 earlier and on machines; 11 (for the month); 163 (for the year)
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