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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Last Virginia run?

The creeks in the Robious Landing Park are much higher today because it's been raining. Supposed to rain more this evening so tomorrow will be interesting, if we run again (may not ... I have to leave for Dulles International by noon for my flight to Italy).

The trail was pretty wet today because of the rain, but it didn't rain on us when we were running.

I had to be a little extra cautious on the downhill stretches because the wet leaves were slippery. They reminded me hauntingly of the footing on the mountainside when I blew up my knee last April (see earlier posts).

Probably also because of the rain, the moss on deadfall and snags was more noticeable today.

I felt good — much better than yesterday — so we ran more than an hour. We skipped yesterday because both of us felt stiff and tired for some reason. Below my mileage numbers I'll post a couple of pictures of some cool wood sculptures someone has done on stumps in the park.

4; 4; 32.5; 189.5

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